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Why we've partnered with 300 Blankets

Finding the right partner can be daunting.

Young suiters swipe for hours on dating apps, managers interview candidate after candidate searching for the right fit, even penguins search the oceans far and wide to find their right partner.

So, when it came time to select the charity partner for our second collection, Day & Night, we knew we wanted to find an organisation that not only makes maximum impact but also one that shared our values.

Then came along, 300 Blankets. The search was over. The one. Ticking all the boxes.

300 Blankets is a local charity run purely by volunteers, focusing on supporting people experiencing homelessness in Melbourne, Australia. To date, they've handed out over 18,500 blankets to people sleeping rough. 

These legends not only provide warmth through distributing blankets, they also facilitate a weekly dinner providing meals at no charge and an opportunity to make friends and a sense of community. 

Take two minutes, watch the video and be moved about the incredible work this charity does.

I'm not crying, you're crying!

So now to how it all comes together.

When you purchase a t-shirt from The Day range, you are supporting 300 Blankets food outreach program - Soul Kitchen. Supplying no charge nutritious meals to people who may be struggling to make ends meet or who are feeling socially isolated.

Soul Kitchen brings the local community together in a safe and respectful environment for anyone who would like to share a meal, chat or play a round of Connect 4.

And when selecting a t-shirt from The Night range, you are supporting 300 Blankets outreach program. This program works to provide people experiencing homelessness with friendship and support, alongside a blanket to keep them warm whilst sleeping rough.

We couldn't be more excited to partner with the team at 300 Blankets to continue running these life changing programs, especially around Christmas. (Please note, due to Covid-19 Soul Kitchen has temporarily closed, however as soon as they're able to, they will re-open their doors again)

So now over to YOU. Time to share, like, comment, tell your friends, buy a t-shirt. Every bit matters. 

For more information about 300 Blankets, head to their website and read until your heart is full.